Kevin R.

During my time spent with the Columbia University students and professors, further capturing photos and discussing the vividness and rich design of all the historic buildings and mansions all along the avenue. I must say I was a bit pessimistic of what was to come from meeting with everyone, but at the conclusion if it all I was pretty amazed more than ever before about the knowledge the Columbia University historic preservationists had. Their knowledge of the many buildings we came across and spoke of gave me a first hand view of what these buildings look like and how important they are to their respective neighborhoods.

During the walk, I came across the very buildings I was studying. but truthfully none of the studying came close to actually seeing the buildings in person. I had a first hand visual of these marvelous buildings in all their vast beauty. Surprisingly, I gained knowledge of buildings I hadn’t known about through my own research. Needless to say, there’s still much for me to learn about before this program comes to a close.

One of the few historic buildings/ houses we came across was the South Bushwick Reformed Church. Still vibrant with history and built in the Dutch colonial style, the church was completed in the year 1853 and named after the church’s first minister. Now 157 years later, the church still looks as magnificent. Any pedestrian living within the area can advocate for the almost forgotten building and say that block of Himrod Avenue would look almost naked without the structure there as a light of hope and classic Dutch style of building. Another building that looks just as good and desolate is the Ridgewood Masonic Temple. I couldn’t really find much on the structure but I’m pretty sure the building had some essential uses in the 1800’s.

Overall, the experience of walking along the avenue and seeing these buildings first hand was a fruitful one. I, typically, was left in awe as I came to understand more and more as the moments passed along. A very enlightening day in my opinion.

Kevin R., AUP