Henry C. Bohack House

Henry C. Bohack House

1090 Greene Aveune, corner of Goodwin Place
Block 3294, Lot 1


Year Built: 1880-1886
Building Type: single-family detached
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Henry C. Bohack
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

Note the columns, entryway, carved cornice, and splendid window frames and bays.Bushwick was once decorated with wood framed Italianate houses such as this. This is the former home of Henry C. Bohack, founder of the Bohack’s Supermarkets. Bohack opened his first store on Fulton Street in 1887, and the chain, at its height in the 1940’s, had 740 stores in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, employing over 3,000 people. Henry Bohack died in 1931, but the business continued. In the late ’60’s, they tried to expand, but the effort failed and the chain closed in the 1970’s. Many of theirstores were sold to Daitch Shopwell, which became Food Emporium. The house is now part of the Lighthouse Church of God.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

bohack.jpgIn 1913, Henry C. Bohack was the founding president of the nonprofit “Plattduetche Altenheim Gesellschaft von Brooklyn und Umgegend.” The foundation eventually became the current Grace Foundation of New York Society, which cares for the aged, who can no longer care for themselves. Along with the nonprofit a Ladies Society was also created to to care for the residents. Through fundrasing efforts, 17 acres of farmland were purchased for the foundation.