Armbruster – 1942 (*1928)

Armbruster, Eugene L. Brooklyn’s Eastern District. Brooklyn: Privately Published, 1942. [*Written in 1928, published in 1942.]
[Avery Library AA735 N4B7 Ar54 – on hold until 2/22 at South Shelf O, to the right of the service desk.]

Pages 32-33: Bushwick Town Patents:
– Lists of public schools and early population numbers (pg 32)
– Settlement of Bushwick began in 1638 (pg 32)
– Town founded and village plot laid out in 1660 by Governor Pieter Stuyvesant (pg 32)
– Williamsburg separated from Bushwick on March 16, 1840 (pg 33)
– One of the earliest Town Meeting-Houses in Bushwick was in Martin Meeker’s home (pg 33)

Pages 33-36: Old Bushwick:
– Area originally comprised of “Old Dutch Farmhouses” (pg 35)
– List of early structures and roads (most don’t appear to exist anymore) (pg 35)
– In 1840, Peter Cooper moved his glue factory from Manhattan to Bushwick (pg 35)
– In 1847, Martin Kalbfleisch moved his chemical works (originally from Harlem) from Greenpoint to Bushwick (pg 36)

Pages 37-39: The 18th Ward: (AKA Bushwick)
– Lists of populations, genealogies, dwellings, lot prices (pg 37-39)
– By 1870, many German immigrants had moved into Bushwick (pg 39)

Pages 54-61: The Kings Highway:
– Lists of transportation (pg 54-61)
– Dutch followed the ferry landings of the Native Americans, between Peck Slip and Fulton Street; therefore, most roads went to these fixed points (pg 55)
– Development of transportation: Farmer Wagon –> Stage Coach –> Steam Railroad –> Horse Car –> Elevated Railroad –> Trolley Car (pg 55)

Pages 63-70: List of Obsolete Street Names

*Pages 70-321: List of street names with descriptions of structures and conveyances*
Pages 120-136: Bushwick Parkway (AKA Avenue) descriptions