999 Bushwick

Gustave Doerschuck House

999 Bushwick Ave

block 3313 lot 28

Perez, Lauren 2011

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Single-family detached
Architect: T. Engelhardt
Original Owner: Gustave Doershcuck
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

Though slightly altered, this is one of the most intact mansions in Bushwick, Engelhardt designed this house for brewer Gustav Doerschuck. According to a Los Angeles Herald that ran on February 9th, 1910. Gustave Doerschuck discovered the missing Dr. Frederick Cook in Hamilton, Bermuda. Dr. Cook said ” (I was) just resting. I am feeling much better than I did and I will soon to New York to straighten out the North Pole tangle. I am confident I will be able to make that square.”The combination of granite and brick, along with the tower makes this mansion a small scale castle. The property is now owned by the Federation of Multicultural Programs, Inc, a social service agency that houses and cares for mentally handicapped clients.

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