999-1003 Halsey Ave

999-1003 Halsey Street

Between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue
Block 3401, Lot 47-49

999-1003 Halsey Street (l-r)

Year Built: 1885
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architectural Style:
Architect: Cozine & Gascoine
Builder: G. Cutler
Original Owner: Cozine & Gascoine

History and Analysis

These speculative row houses were part of a row that spanned the north side of Halsey Street (once known as Margaretta Street) between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue. This row was part of a mass development project that also encompassed both the North and South Sides of Weirfield Street between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue. The houses were designed in a simplified Neo-Grec style and were described as a wood frame, brick filled houses. The houses cost $2700 each.

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