994 Hancock Street

994 Hancock Street

Between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway
Block 3394, Lot 16

992-996 Hancock Street (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien

Year Built: 1887
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: H. Vollweiler
Builder: Mr. Cummiskey
Original Owner: Mary Cummiskey

History and Analysis

994 Hancock Street is a single three bay, two-and-a-half-story rowhouse a stoop on the left side of the front facade, located between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway. It is covered in asphalt siding with most historic ornament removed from the front facade. The pine sided rowhouse with a tin roof was designed H. Vollweiler and built by Mr. Cummiskey. It was commissioned by Mary Cummiskey of 359 Hopper Street in 1887 for $3,500.

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