766-772 Bushwick Avenue

766-772 Bushwick Avenue

Southwest corner of Dodworth Street
Block 3230, Lots 15-18

766 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Kelly A. Carroll

768-770 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Kelly A. Carroll

772 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Kelly Autumn Carroll Feb. 2011

Year Built: 1885
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: J. Herr
Builder: Fr. Herr
Original Owner: Peter Nehrbrass
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

These four rowhouses are 2 story structures with partially submerged basements. Original wooden cornices and lintels adorn each. The original masonry materials are hidden from view by contemporary siding.Additionally, 766 and 772 possess their original stoops. The original owner of these properties was one Peter Nehrbrass, who, in 1893 trademarked “Cashmere Bouquet,” for Colgate and Company – the first perfumed, french-milled soap. Mr. Nehrbrass held an address at 80 East 54th Street at the time of the rowhouses’ construction.[1]

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

Cashmere Bouquet advertisement, 1887.