74 Cornelia Street

74 Cornelia Street

Between Bushwick Avenue and Evergreen Avenue
Block 3381, Lot 13


74 Cornelia Avenue, 2011. Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Detached single-family house (Altered to two-family dwelling in 1928)
Architect: Geo Acker
Builder: Geo Acker
Original Owner: John Welz
Proposed District: n/a

History and Analysis

74 Cornelia Street was originally a detached single-family house built for $20,000 in 1890 by Geo Acker. The house has been altered to a two-family dwelling in 1928, however, the structure retains a high level of architectural integrity with much of its original characteristics intact.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

74 Cornelia Street (1923). Credit: NYPL Digital Gallery