718-720 Bushwick Avenue

718-720 Bushwick Avenue

West side of Bushwick Avenue, southwest corner of Hart Street
Block 3225, Lots 18-19

718-720 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Kelly Autumn Carroll

Year Built: Between 1880-1889
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

718 and 720 Bushwick Avenue are highly altered rowhouses. 720 features raised rafters which has constributed to the complete desecration of its original wooden cornice, which is failing because of this addition. 720 also exhibits a first and second story porch addition. 718 has an addition of a tower which does not match the row and may be emulative of the mansion across the street with similar architectural features. These buildings’ age was determined by referencing historic maps of Brooklyn.