693 Bushwick Avenue

693 Bushwick Avenue

Between Willoughby Street and Suydam Street
Block 3205, Lot 5


Year Built: 1885
Building Type: Row-house
Architectural Style:
Architect: Unknown – likely Theobald Engelhardt
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

History and Analysis

693 Bushwick Avenue is a row-house, possibly one of a row of two including #695, and likely built between the establishment of the Engelhardt row beside it in 1890 and the first record of it in the Department of Building’s database (a plumbing repair strip from 1902). It is was likely brownstone, with a pressed metal cornice, and possible brick cladding, because that was the state of affairs along the rest of the block. However, 693 Bushwick Avenue has been entirely wrapped in vinyl siding, all of its windows have been replaced, and its cornice and all original hardware removed; none of its original materials, though perhaps extant beneath the siding, are visible.

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