582-586 Bushwick Avenue

582-586 Bushwick Avenue

Between Arion Place and Melrose Street
Block 3150, Lot 28, 29, 30

582-586 Bushwick Avenue (2011). Credit: Heather Hartshorn.

Year Built: 1886
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: George Hillenbrand
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Henry Huether
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

These three 25′ x 56′ tenements were built 34′ high with frame construction, stone foundation walls on earth and brick upper walls coped with bluestone. The cornices are wood with a flat “tin” roof. Each was constructed to house a store and two families on the first floor, and two families each on the second and third floors. In 1947, 584 Bushwick Avenue had a restaurant on the first floor along with one family on the second floor and two on the third. Sarah Fee owned 582 Bushwick Avenue until her death in 1947.[1]

These three three-story brick tenements retain their original metal cornices and stone lintels. However, the windows have been replaced and the storefronts have been heavily altered.