542 Hart Street

542 Hart Street

South side of Hart Street, between Bushwick and Evergreen Avenues
Block 3226, Lot 11

542 Hart Street, (2011) Credit: Kelly Autumn Carroll

Year Built: 1899
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: Frank Holmberg
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

566 Hart Street is emulative of the houses of 729-737 Bushwick Avenue in style and materials; it is likely they are of the same architect. This structure features an original entry, stoop and door. The cladding is beautiful and original – there are rounded arched windows, original stone lintels and beltcourses, and terra-cotta details. This tenement is actually part of a row of tenements that continue north on Hart Street, although its neighbors aren’t as intact.The cornice is also original and is pressed metal. The date of this building was determined from the Brooklyn Department of Buildings.