39 Melrose Street

39 Melrose Street

Between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue
Block 3150, Lot 35

39 Melrose Street (2011). Credit: Heather Hartshorn.

Year Built: 1882
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: George Hillenbrand
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Leon. Eppig
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

The 3-story tenement at 39 Melrose Street was built as a stable for 30 horses in 1882 at a cost of $4000 and altered to a six family flat in 1900 with a rear extension at a cost of $300. Designed by George Hillenbrand for owner Leon. Eppig, the building was originally 32 feet wide by 100 feet deep and 32 feet high. This structure was built on a concrete base, with a bankstone and mortar foundation, hard brick basement, and bluestone walls with a brick front. It was also built with a brick cornice and peak tin roof.[1] Although the building retains its massing, many of the original features have been lost and the brick facade has been covered in faux siding.