26 and 32 Melrose Street

26 and 32 MelroseStreet

Between Broadway and Bushwick Avenue
Block 3160, Lot 16, 18

26 Melrose Street (2011). Credit: Heather Hartshorn.
32 Melrose Street (2011). Credit: Heather Hartshorn.

Year Built: 1883
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: Unknown
Builder: L. Hess
Original Owner: Henry Huether
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

The four-story tenements at 32 and 36 Melrose Street were originally built as a set of three buildings to house eight families in 1883. Built by L. Hess for owner Henry Huether, the building is 25 feet wide by 55 feet deep and 44 feet high. A spruce-framed building with outer walls of brick and siding, this structure was built on a concrete base, with a stone and brick foundation. It was also built with four brick chimneys and a flat tin roof at a cost of $4000 each.[1] Although both buildings retain their original massing and 26 Melrose Street retains its cornice as well, both structures are covered in faux siding.