13-21 Cornelia Street

13-21 Cornelia Street

Between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway
Block 3373, Lot 52-56


Cornelia Street between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway, 2011. Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1888
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: A. H. Stolzer
Builder: Frank Holenberg (1161 Broadway)
Original Owner: Frank Holenberg (1161 Broadway)
Proposed District: n/a

History and Analysis

13-21 Cornelia Street is a row of five three-story tenements built in 1888, designed by A. H. Stolzer. The original owner and builder, Frank Holenberg resided at 1161 Broadway. All structures have been highly altered with vinyl siding and stone veneering, and do not retain much of the original characteristics. Only 17 Cornelia Street retains it original cornice. Additional Section/ Additional Photography.