1197-1205 Bushwick Avenue

1197-1205 Bushwick Avenue

Between Jefferson Avenue and Hancock Street
Block 3388, Lots 6-10

1197 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien
1201-1205 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Rowhouse / Commercial
Architect: Stephen J. Burrows
Builder: Stephen J. Burrows
Original Owner: Stephen J. Burrows
Proposed Historic District: Folk Art Historic District

History and Analysis

1197-1205 Bushwick Avenue were built in conjunction with the rowhouses at 1035-1057 and 1098-1108 Jefferson Avenue. Three stories high and three bays wide, these buildings have unusual wooden cornices, dog-tooth detailing around the windows creating a checkerboard pattern reminiscent of the notch-edge carving common in the Tramp Art movement. These structures were built for $4,000 each in 1890 as a speculative development venture by Stephen J. Burrows who resided at 236 Ainslie Street.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

Brooklyn: Jefferson Avenue – Bushwick Avenue by Percy Loomis Sperr (1941) Credit: New York Public Library Digital Gallery