1194 Bushwick Avenue

1194 Bushwick Avenue

Corner Bushwick Avenue and Jefferson Avenue
Block 3380, Lot 40


1194 Bushwick Avenue (from Bushwick Avenue), 2011. Credit: Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1926
Building Type: Apartment
Architect: Mac & Reiser
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: William Marlis
Proposed District: n/a

History and Analysis

1194 Bushwick Avenue is a three story brick apartment building built in 1926 by Mac & Reiser to house two families on each floor. Its architectural style does not match with the tenements and rowhouses that occupy the rest of this block, and is not contributing to the neighborhood character.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

1194 Bushwick Avenue (from Jefferson Avenue), 2011. Credit: Ogawa, Asuka