1122 Bushwick Avenue

1122 Bushwick Avenue

Corner of Madison and Bushwick
Block 3357, Lot 42

1122 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Alison LaFever

Year Built: 1889
Building Type: Commercial
Architect: P.W. Tunison
Builder: P.W. Tunison
Original Owner: P.W. Tunison, 242 Clason Avenue
Proposed District: N/A

History and Analysis

The Real Estate Record and Guide from 1889 describes this buildings as “One, Two-story frame shop, 26×20, gravel roof, cost $600.”[1] The current building is a single-story, wood frame store. It is possible that the building was not built as originally planned and initially only built as a single-story structure, or the the second story could have been removed at a later date. It is important to note that this parcel was not developed with the adjacent rowhouses that occupy the block along Bushwick Avenue (see 1106-1120 Bushwick Avenue).