1106-1120 Bushwick Avenue

1106-1116 Bushwick Avenue

Between Palmetto and Woodbine
Block 3357, Lots 34-41

1106-1120 Bushwick Avenue, (2011) Credit: Alison LaFever

Year Built: 1888
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: J.D. Reynolds
Builder: George F. Chapman
Original Owner: George F. Chapman, 32A Woodbine Street
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

The Real Estate Record and Guide in 1888 describes these properties as “Five, Three-story frame (brick-filled) dwellings, 20×58, tin roofs, cost $4,000.”[1] Because there are actually six houses that are all similar in design and detailing, it is assumed that I.D. Reynolds designed the entire row of six, and they were all built around the same time. The two houses on the far south end (lots 40&41, 1118&1120 Bushwick Avenue) are slightly different in styling, having different cornices, lintels, and door casings, and were most likely designed and built separately.

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