1097 Jefferson Avenue

1097 Jefferson Avenue

Between Bushwick Avenue and Evergreen Avenue
Block 3381, Lot 63


Year Built: 1891
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: Theobald M. Engelhardt
Builder: Philip Steingotter (1354 Bushwick Ave)
Original Owner: Philip Steingotter (1354 Bushwick Ave)
Proposed District: n/a

History and Analysis

1097 Jefferson Avenue is a three-story tenement built in 1891, designed by Theobald M. Engelhardt. The original owner and builder, Philip Steingotter who resided at 1354 Bushwick Avenue, also developed 1144-1146 Bushwick Avenue in 1889, 1185-1193 Bushwick Avenue in 1891, and 1180-84 Bushwick Avenue in 1903. The structure has been highly altered with vinyl siding, and do not retain much of its original characteristics.