1087-1095 Bushwick Avenue

1087-1095 Bushwick Avenue

Between Gates and Palmetto
Block 3349, Lot 1,3,5

1087-1095 Bushwick Avenue (2011) Credit: Alison LaFever

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Tenement
Architect: William. Field & Son
Builder: Eben. F. Blaisdell
Original Owner: Eben. F. Blaisdell, 1075 Bushwick Ave
Proposed District: Bushwick Avenue Historic District

History and Analysis

The Real Estate Record and Guilde describes these buildings “three, four-story tenements, 30×102.2, with tin roofs and iron cornices proposed at this site for a total cost of $20,000.”[1] Another descriptions of these parcels in the Real Estate Record and Guide call for “two, four-story brick dwellings, 21.8×70, tin roofs, total cost $30,000.”[2] Dimensions of extant buildings differ from what is described, suggesting plans were altered during the design phase. Based on these two descriptions, it appears that a combination of the two proposed plans was constructed, however further research should be done to verify this that this construction information is accurate. The buildings currently retain a high degree of integrity and original design features such as iron cornices, stone sills and lintels, entry doors, and brickwork are all intact and in good condition.

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