1040 Jefferson Avenue

1040 Jefferson Avenue

Between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway
Block 3387, Lot 15

1040 Jefferson Avenue (2011) Credit: Dianne Pierce O’Brien

Year Built: 1886-1898
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: Unknown
Builder: Unknown
Original Owner: Unknown

History and Analysis

1040 Jefferson Avenue is a two-and-a-half story, freestanding rowhouse located between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway. It is covered in vinyl siding, has a covered cornice, and has a stoop on the right side of the front facade. Surrounded by vacant lots, it can be assumed that the building was originally part of a row of speculative development rowhouses spanning Jefferson Avenue, reflecting the typical development patterns of the area between 1886 and 1898.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

According to the United States Census of 1900, there were two large, multi-generational families living in the rowhouse, neither with servants. Most of the residents were born in New York with parents also born in the United States, while a few were of German descent. The women did not have professions listed, and the male occupations included a well driver, lead spinner, and bookkeeper. All the residents were renters.