1035-57 Jefferson Avenue

1035-57 Jefferson Avenue

Between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway
Block 3380, Lot 45-58


Jefferson Avenue between Bushwick Avenue and Broadway, 2011. Credit: Rosenblatt, Sarah and Ogawa, Asuka

Year Built: 1890
Building Type: Rowhouse
Architect: Stephen J. Burrows
Builder: Stephen J. Burrows
Original Owner: Stephen J. Burrows
Proposed District: Folk Art Historic District

History and Analysis

1035-1057 Jefferson Avenue is a row of twelve three-story rowhouses, built for $4,000 each in 1890 by Stephen J. Burrows who resided at 236 Ainslie Street. The row was developed in conjunction with the construction at 1098-1108 Jefferson Avenue. All structures retain a high level of architectural integrity with much of the original characteristics intact, including the ornamental brick facade, the stoops, and wood cornices. The similarity of the architectural details between the structures at 1035-1057 Jefferson Avenue and 1098-1108 Jefferson Avenue infers the development venture by Stephen J. Burrows presumably inspired by the Tramp Art movement.

Additional Section/ Additional Photography

1035-39 Jefferson Avenue (2011), Credit: Ogawa, Asuka
1041-45 Jefferson Avenue (2011), Credit: Ogawa, Asuka
1057 Jefferson Avenue (2011), Credit: Ogawa, Asuka
1059-61 Jefferson Avenue (2011), Credit: Ogawa, Asuka